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We are looking for a legal receptionist/administrative assistant to provide our clients the ultimate customer service experience. Our receptionist will build relationships with people who contact our firm looking for help with a legal or personal matter. Doing this job right requires the right combination of empathy, experience, and skill. You will play an integral role in creating memorable client experiences and everyone else who contacts our firm.

This important position involves critical administrative duties related to customer service and direct attorney support. The firm is growing quickly, and the owners need front-line support to “keep the trains running on time” and keep our clients happy. The basic duties of the position are:

  • Answering the phone and greeting clients.
  • Scheduling and ensuring client matter calendars are up-to-date and organized.
  • Calendaring matter deadlines and sending reminders.
  • Managing the mail.
  • Organizing case files and business files.
  • Making copies/scanning documents.
  • Entering billable time into the billing software.
  • Assisting the accounting/billing department.
  • Administrative support.


This is a key position in the firm. It is a full-time job, so you MUST be able to work *in the office* for 40 hours per week.

  • Customer service experience is required. Legal experience is a plus.
  • You must be punctual and have reliable attendance.
  • Excellent Spanish, verbal and written, is required.
  • Portuguese speaking is a plus, but not required.
  • You will be working on many tasks and cases concurrently, over long periods of time. We expect you to keep track of key dates, keep the right people informed, and prioritize your time so that we never miss a deadline.
  • You must be able to work independently and as part of a team understanding that other team members will be relying on your ability to move things through the pipeline.
  • We are a fast-paced law firm that needs team members who work well under pressure. If you get frazzled easily with juggling multiple deadlines, this job is not for you.
  • You must be proficient with a computer and common office applications (Word, Outlook email & calendar, and so on).
  • You must have excellent spelling and grammar.
  • Accuracy and attention to detail are required to avoid mistakes that can cost our clients (and us) dearly. This is important. Make sure that this is a skill that you are known for!
  • Bring your energy, positivity, and a “can-do” attitude to work every day.
  • You MUST be a positive person. If your middle name is “Drama,” you will not be successful here.
  • If you walk through life seeing opportunities where other people see problems, you will probably do well here.
  • If you find yourself thinking of why things can’t work instead of how they can, you will not be happy here.
  • You should treat a client, case, or task at 4:30 pm on Friday with the same care and compassion as one on Monday morning at 9 am.
  • Because we help individuals with very sensitive matters, every member of our team must be conscientious and trustworthy. We will be doing a background check and disqualifying anyone with a history of fraud, theft, embezzlement, or anything that is an indicator of dishonesty.


We are growing fast, and we are investing time and energy in building our A Team. There will be training on the types of legal matters we handle, how we track our leads, how to use our calendaring system. Team culture is important to our company. We lean on each other and work together to grow the company.

We are looking for someone who can hit the ground running when it comes to answering phones, routing calls, managing the firm calendar, and meeting deadlines.

The position is full-time and offers eleven (11) paid holidays. Additional benefits are under consideration but are not yet offered by the Firm.