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Commercial Evictions Attorneys in Miami

Representing Landlords in Miami-Dade, Broward, & All of South Florida

As a commercial landlord, you will need help from highly experienced, dedicated attorneys. At KEW Legal®, our commercial evictions lawyers can help you conduct an eviction quickly and efficiently. We can closely analyze your lease to determine which violations warrant an eviction, as well as what defenses your tenant may allege. We will develop the strategy you need to hold your tenant accountable, minimize your liabilities, and safeguard your financial security. Let’s get started with a case evaluation. Call (305) 990-2300 or contact us online to request yours today.

The Commercial Eviction Process in Florida

While commercial tenants lack the same provisions as residential tenants, you will need to properly follow your Florida’s legal procedures in order to properly evict your tenant. Common Violations which may be grounds to evict your tenant are:

  • Failure to Pay rent
  • Unauthorized use of the premises
  • Modifying or failure to maintain the premises
  • Subletting, assigning or otherwise transferring the Lease
  • Interfering with another tenant’s business operations
  • Abandonment

You cannot simply evict your tenant for violating their lease, you must properly notify them and give them an opportunity to cure the violation. Generally, evictions can be costly for commercial landlords. With our experienced support you will have the highest possible likelihood of success. If you feel your tenant has violated the lease, contact our office so we can evaluate your options to protect your investment.

Bring Your Case to Our Firm Today

At KEW Legal®, we are ready to put our decades of real estate and business experience to work for you. No matter your specific circumstances, we have the skills needed to advocate for your rights and financial security as a commercial landlord.

Call (305) 990-2300 or fill out our online contact form today. We serve clients in Miami-Dade, Broward, and surrounding areas in South Florida.