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When do I need a liquor license?

If alcoholic beverages or tobacco are sold in your physical or digital establishment, at that time you need a liquor license. These licenses are necessary for most cases, in this way problems of establishment closures and high fines are avoided. 

Do I need a liquor license? 

If alcoholic beverages are served and sold in your establishment, you do need a liquor license. There are different types of liqour licenses and this is where an attorney can assist in helping you choose the right one.  

 What Does a Liquor License Application Require? 

 Some states have a limit on liquor licenses, it is important to check if they are available. Many people sell their licenses so it will be easy to get one. 

 To get the liquor license, we recommend having a business attorney to review all the necessary documents before and after the application, thus avoiding setbacks. You will need identification, establishment permits, health permits and contracts. This entire process is carried out together with the local authority or the state government. 

How long will it take to get my liquor license? 

Each application is different, it varies between each state, the type of license, and if the permits are accepted, but it usually takes around 90 days up to 5 months. Starting this process with a business attorney can save you time.  

What is the cost for a liqour license? 

This varies depending on the size of the establishment and type of license.   

  *It is important that you renew your license every year. Contact us today for further questions.